My first question is always, do I trust the writer? My second question is always, does the writer trust me? The answer to both of these questions, in relation to Fahrenheit 451, is ‘Yes.’ Ray Bradbury is an iconic American storyteller for all the right reasons. His descriptions are inventive, poetic and sharp. His dialogue is crisp and realistic. If you measure the merit of his depiction of a future world on how well it resembles the world that surrounds you while you’re reading it now, 60 years later, it is stunning. Any writer venturing into a future world would be ecstatic to have as many vital similarities carry over as Bradbury has in this book. Yes, at times it sounds like it was written in the 1950’s, no doubt about that, but the ideas are timeless and the writing is not only effective, but artful.

I’ve always been a fan of Bradbury, especially his short stories, and Fahrenheit 451, a relatively short novel, reads like a short story. The length of the book allows the efficiency of Bradbury’s writing to stand out.

Conclusion: An important theme portrayed by a master storyteller.