You can find me in the streets and sidewalks of your town

In the public library, the used bookstores

The prison, the hospital, the nursing homes

You can find me in your voice, your morning

Your grocery store, your garden, your church
In every schoolroom & pool hall & doctor’s office
On every toilet seat & every inch of flesh

In every breath of every moment of every birth

Among every measure of time & space
In every word held hostage by holy books and teleprompters

Defined & Redefined
Devoured & Purged

You will find me in all forms of electricity, all machines

I’ll be watching you through the eyes in your screens
Looking back at you from inside mirrors

In the silence before nightmares

In the death of spring flowers & the birth of first snow

I live outside the box you’re locked in
I drop notes through your sky in hopes that you’ll reject me
And in that rebellion, you’ll find your own truth

If so, I’ll leave you, dead with all the rest of the illusions
Rebuilding worlds with and without left and right brains
Gladly forgotten

Hung for turning glass back into sand


-excerpt from K. M. Douglas’ book of poems, Cities of Blood
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