The following is an excerpt from USA Today’s Pop Candy blog, where readers have written in with their stories of what aspects of pop culture they are thankful for. This one is about Ray Bradbury by Chris M. from Ohio.

I’m thankful for the work of Ray Bradbury, specifically his short story All Summer in a Day.

In it, Bradbury writes about an elementary school classroom on the planet Venus. It rains every day, and none of the children have ever seen the sun. A small girl that relocated from Earth — she’s originally from Ohio — is teased by students because she tried to explain sunlight and they don’t believe her.

Scientists predict there will be a two-hour stoppage of rain and the sun will be visible. Excited by the news, the students lock the Earth girl in a closet as a prank, and the teacher takes the students outside to experience the phenomenon of sunlight. The teacher watches the kids run off and play, only to later find the Earth girl locked up when the rain begins again.

I discovered this story when I was in elementary school. I had read a lot of books like Clifford the Big Red Dog and the Curious George series. But this was the first time I ever read something that shocked and disturbed me.

It was like being struck by lightning and waking up a new person. It made me really think about myself and the cruelty of children. Do I act like that? What would I have done if that happened in my classroom? Would I have stood up to the crowd? Why did those kids do that?